Introduction and definitions

Hello world!

In this blog I want to explore how members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can be effective member missionaries.

Member missionary work is something we talk about frequently at church, but rarely seem to do.  Many members of the church have experience working as full-time missionaries, but very few of us have effectively served as a missionary outside of that capacity.  In this blog I want to explore why this is and what we can do differently.

Now for the definitions:

I want to define missionary work as anything that helps someone who isn’t a member of the church come unto Christ through baptism.  Too often we call everything we do at church missionary work i.e. “family history is like doing missionary work for the deceased,”  or “home teaching is like missionary work for members.”  I want to point out that I wrote “come unto Christ through baptism,” not just “get baptized.”  I feel that all of our missionary efforts need to have an eye towards retention so that the people we serve can make a lasting change in their lives.

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